Biova African Snowflake Salt

Another salt from the pure deep water of the Antarctic and the African sun, that is harvested
along the coast of Namibia.

"African snow" as the Fleur de Sel is affectionately known in Namibia, is the noblest version
of sea salt. It is only a few days each year when the sunshine, low humidity and light winds
get together to create this beautifully light salt. The wind whips up the tips of the waves which
leave a thin snow like layer of salt on the water. These layers are then blown by the wind onto
the shore of the salt pans, where they are then hand harvested.

The salt is then dried carefully under the desert sun. This salt has its own subtle flavor due
to the fresh taste created by Antarctic sea and the Namibian sun.

Top chefs and foodies value the Fleur de Sel as a delicacy and use it to season, as well as
having it stand proud on the dining room table.

97.1% NaCl, 0.12% Mg, 0.43% So4, 0.17% Ca, 0.06% K.
Moisture: 1-2%

Available units:
200g paper carton:
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RRP: 4,95 € (14,75 € / kg 7% VAT)
25kg bag:

Item No.: 8580
RRP: € 297,50 (11,90 € / kg 7% VAT)

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Special features: slightly crunchy salt structure

Taste: mild salt pleasant time

Dishes: fish, seafood, table salt for finishing

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