Kalanamak Salz
Kalanamak Salz
Kala Namak Salz

Kala Namak Salz
Kala Namak Salz

Kala Namak salt

Our Biova Kala Namak, or ‘Black Salt’ as is known, is used as a spice in Indian cuisine and is very popular in Ayurveda cuisine. It is produced by heating the salt to a high temperature and mixing it with different spices, but especially the harad seeds from the Black Myrobalan tree. The harad seeds are used in Indian medicine for various complaints and give the salt a sulphurous smell as well as it’s red-black colour. There is a high proportion of hydrogen sulfide and iron in the Kala Namak which gives the salt an interesting egg like smell. This very special salt is mainly used to refine chutneys and dishes with chicken, fish and rice, as a table salt. It is unusual to cook with it, although a fried rice will often have Kala Namak thrown into it towards the end of the stir frying.
It is also added to yoghurt dishes and drinks such as Lassi. And a little bit sprinkled on popcorn also works wonders!
Vegans particularly enjoy this salt which offers a slightly sulphurous taste, and use it with fruit salads, raitas as well as adding it to fruit juices. It also works well with a Bloody Mary cocktail.

Kala Namak is not harmful!

In 2003 the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) examined the salt as people were concerned about it’s relatively high concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas that smells of old eggs. BfR determined during the tests that the "Kala Namak" is not a health hazard.


at least 97.15% NaCl,> 0.26% Ca> Mg 0.01%,> 1,339% So4


May contain traces of sulfit

Available Package sizes:

200g paper cartons:

Item No.:. 8095 (200g fine 0.3-0.5 mm) EAN: 4260114119203

Item No.:. 8005 (200g granules 2-5mm) EAN: 4260114119210

UVPE 3,95 € / pcs 7% VAT (equivalent to € 19.75 / kg 7% VAT)


1kg PE stand up pouch:

Item No.:. 8320 (1kg fine 0.3-0.5 mm)

Item No.:. 8360 (1kg granules 2-5mm)

Item No.:. 8125 (1kg chunk 2-5cm)

UVPE: 9,95 € / pcs 7% VAT (equivalent to 9.95 € / kg 7% VAT)

25kg sacks, packed in a PE bag in addition to a PP bag:

Item No.:. 8095 (25kg granules 2-5mm)

Item No.:. 8320-1 (25kg fine 0.3-0.5 mm)

Item No.:. 8125-1 (25kg rocks 2-5cm)

UVPE: € 198.75 / unit 7% VAT (equivalent to € 7.95 / kg 7% VAT)

Feature: Striking black color

Taste: Mild, natural salt

Tastes slightly of boiled eggs

Excellent with: Indian / Oriental dishes

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