Alpensalz fein
Alpensalz fein
Alpensalz Granulat
Alpensalz Brocken

Salt from the Alps

Alpine salt, as the name suggests, is a rock-salt, trapped deep under the mighty rock
strata of the Austrian Alps in the heart of a salt chamber.

Created some 250 million years ago due to climatic and geological changes, the Austrian
rock salt is one of the oldest salts that we know of. It is enriched with many accessory
minerals, and has been protected from all environmental influences in the safety of the
great salt chamber.

This pristine alpine salt has been used by the mountain dwellers for many thousands of years.
As early as the Bronze Age alpine salt trade routes ensured that this very pure salt was
packed into merchant caravans and travelled throughout Europe.

87.3% NaCl., 4.8% So4, 16100 mg / kg S, 0.86% Ca, 0.40% Mg, 1.2% K

Available units:
200g paper carton:
Item No.:. 8305 (200g fine mm) EAN code: 4260114119357
Item No.:. 8310 (200g granules 2-4mm) EAN code: 4260114119340
RRP: 5.49 € / pcs 7% VAT incl.

10 kg PE bags:
Item No.:. 8365 (0.5-1.0 mm fine)
Item No.:. 8370 (granular 2-4mm)
Item No.:. 8375 (2-5cm chunks)
RRP: 128,00 € (equivalent to € 12.80 / kg 7% VAT)

Please note. The RRP is the recommended retail price. Please ask for our price list,
as the price varies according to the quantity ordered.

Features: Visually attractive red-brown stone table salt

Taste: Very intense, strong taste

Dishes: Ideal for dark meat

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