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Bamboo salt

Our Bamboo salt goes back centuries, and after many many years, it is finally getting the recognition is deserves. Arguably the most religious of our salts, it is well versed in the theory and practise of Buddhism, as it was originally created by Korean monks who baked natural sea salt in bamboo tubes. Not just once, but nine times. As well as adding a certain sense of enjoyment to their meagre meals, they also believed the salt to have healing properties, thanks to the high mineral content.

Today the salt is only baked once at a temperature of 1000-1500 ° C. as each further firing increases the mineral content, to the point whereby it becomes too intensive. The single bake results in a very fine powder like salt that has a strong salty taste, yet remains mild to the palate. It is sold throughout the world as a speciality that continues to contribute to many people’s gastronomical enlightenment.

The complex manufacturing process takes place in the traditional fashion, without the use of mass production techniques. The result is a rare and valuable product, which is well suited to raw vegetables, as well as rice and Asian dishes.

The salt has a pH of 7-8. and is 100% natural salt.

<81.2% NaCl, O 15.04%, <1% Cu, 0.8% K, 0.31% K, 0.0078% Fe, 0.0009% Mn

Available units:
150g paper carton:
Item No.: 8040 EAN Code: 4260114119098
RRP: € 5.95 (equivalent to € 39.67 / kg 7% VAT)
5kg PE bag (20kg carton - 4x5kg bag):
Item No.: 8104-1
RRP: 132,00 € (equivalent to € 26.40 / kg 7% VAT)

Please note. The RRP is the recommended retail price. Please ask for our price list,
as the price changes according to the quantity ordered.

Special features: High mineral content, very fine
Taste: Very salty in taste
Dishes: salads, raw or cooked vegetables

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