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Ital. Meersalz

Ital. Meersalz
Ital. Meersalz
Ital. Meersalz
Ital. Meersalz

Italian sea salt

This all-natural salt is obtained from the Mediterranean coast in beautiful southern Italy. The solar plant is set in a natural reserve far away from industry and urban areas. Seawater is directed into an elaborate system of channels set in the centuries-old salt marshes. After the wind and sun have helped evaporate the water, the salt crystalizes and settles. The salt is then harvested using traditional tools and is dried, before it is sieved into various grain sizes.

The Mediterranean salt marshes are handed down from generation to generation and most of the families have been working them for many hundreds of years. The nature refuge is also an important habitat for many endangered bird and plant species. The farmers respect, and recognise that it is important for them to help in the preservation of this unique coastal landscape.

<97% NaCl, 0.3% Ca, 0.2% SO4, 0.04% Mg

Available units:

200g paper carton:
Item No.:. 8400 (200g fine 0.2-1.0 mm) EAN code: 4260114119715
Item No.:. 8405 (200g granulated 1.6-4mm) EAN code: 4260114119708
RRP: € 2.49 including 7% VAT (12.45 € / kg 7% VAT)
25 kg PE bag

Item No.:. 8,500 (fine 0.2-1.0 mm)
Item No.:. 8505 (Medio 1-1.6 mm)
Item No.: 8510 (1.6-4mm granules)
RRP: 32,50 € (equivalent to 1,30 € / kg 7% VAT)

Please note. The RRP is the recommended retail price. Please ask for our price list,
as the price varies according to the quantity ordered.

Feature: Pure natural sea salt
Taste: Mild salty
Dishes: Universal salt for everyday use

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