Druid Smoked Salt
Druid Smoked Salt
Druid Smoked Salt

Druid smoked Salt from Denmark (Viking Salt)

Aromatic smoky, fire and intense spiciness - these impressions convey the look and smell of the most exquisite Danish smoked salt to be found in the present market. Incidentally – only 5% of the smoked salts that you buy are smoked properly and not created by using smoke flavours or smoke essence.

Our smoked salt is made from sea salt and smoked following old Viking traditions. This results in an intense smoked taste, which can be changed by using different types of wood. For example: We smoke sea salt with pure juniper wood, which is imported especially from Norway (the wood in Norway is not so tainted with pollution) and produces a flowery scent with different aromas, that is gentle on the palate, yet maintains it’s spicy taste.

It is our customers favourite smoked salt. Sea Salt that is smoked on pure oak also has various aromatic nuances, and although it is a little bitter in the smell, it remains soft on the palate. Smoked salt is ideal for eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, fish and all sorts of meat. It gives steaks a special barbecued camp-fire taste, even when it is cooked in the oven. The Vikings would create this salt by pouring sea water or brine over the blazing open fire.

As the water evaporated, the salt would cling to the burning wood. When it cooled, the salt would then be scraped off for use.


> 97.5% NaCl, 0.04% Ca, 0.00% Mg, 0.10% SO4
Humidity: 0.02-0.1%
(Analysis: Report 12003116 - 019 Hamburg 2012)

Available Units:

100g Biova paper bags:

Article Nr.: 8110 EAN Code: 4260114119234

Recommended Retail price €13,95 incl. 7% VAT (equivalent to € 139.50 / kg)
(Das ist nur die unverbindliche Preisempfehlung, kein Händlerpreis!)

5kg PE Bags

Article Nr.: 8110-1

Recommended Retail price €519,00 (equivalent to € 103.80/kg incl. 7% VAT)
(This is the recommended end user price only, and not the dealer / wholesale price)

Features: Smells very strongly of juniper smoke
Taste: Very spicy, yet mild flavor
Dishes: Grilled meat and vegetables

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