Kalahari Desert Salt
Kalahari Desert Salt
Kalahari Desert Salt
Kalahari Desert Salt

The Biova Kalahari Desert Salt

The Biova Kalahari Desert Salt is a special product. It is extracted from a natural salt lake in the South African Kalahari desert, before it is sun dried and packed. The region is fairly desolate and has never been settled, or used for industrial purposes.

It is obvious therefore, that our Biova Kalahari Desert Salt is a gourmet salt that is completely free of any negative environmental influences. The coarse-grain is the natural state of the salt, but it is also ground to medium and fine grained salt with a stainless steel mill. No artificial, or other substances are added.

Quality characteristics of this salt:

  • Sun Dried
  • Harvested by hand
  • Pure natural salt with no additives
  • Over 280 million years old
  • Contains many minerals and trace elements

This quality desert salt is excellent value for money. Many top chefs highly recommend it for its’ taste and purity! Use Biova Kalahari Desert Salt for all your meals.

Received awards from the International Quality & Taste Institute in Brussels!


>93.7% NaCl, 0.03% Ca, <0.008% Mg, 4.0% sulfate, S04, 0.134%, 0.006% potassium
Moisture: 0.04%
(Analysis: Report 12003116 - 023 Hamburg 2012)

Available Packaging:

200g paper carton:

Item No.: 8045 (200g fine 0,1-0.6 mm) EAN code: 4260114119104
Item No.: 8050 (200g granules 1,6-4,0mm) EAN code: 4260114119111

20kg sacks:

Item No.: 8117-1 (Fine 0.1-0.6 mm)
Item No.: 8118-1 (granules 1,6-4mm)

Features: Pure natural desert salt
Taste: Very intense, natural flavor
Dishes: For cooking and seasoning any meal

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