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Cubeb pepper

The cubeb pepper is native to Java and other Indonesian islands, but is also grown in other areas of Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

The fruits are harvested just before ripening green, and then dried in the sun until the fruit bowl has adopted an almost black color. The taste of cubeb is not to compare with other peppers, pepper dominates this handle a fighter like hot-and spicy-peppery note, which is somewhat reminiscent of allspice, eucalyptus and mint. The focus is rather subtle, dominated by a slightly bitter-sweet taste. Originally cubeb was used with its menthol note because of its versatile health-promoting properties in the stomach, urinary tract infections and respiratory problems. It has antiseptic properties and is very popular in Ayurvedic cooking. It fits perfectly with pepper and spice mixtures such as ras el hanout, with fish, cheese, chutneys and seafood. In the modern kitchen of cubeb experienced a renaissance in recent years.

Available units:

70g paper carton:

Item No.:. 2220 EAN Code: 4260114119555

UVPE: 5,95 € / pcs 7% VAT.

25/50kg bag

Item No.:. 2515

UVPE: 800,00 € / 25Kg (equivalent to 32.00 € / kg 7% VAT)

Special feature: brown wrinkled berries with a small stem

Taste: bitter-sweet with a subtle sharpness

Dishes: fish, seafood, cheeses, chutneys, pork, poultry

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