Voatsiperifery Pfeffer
Voatsiperifery Pfeffer

Voatsiperifery Pepper

The Voatsiperifery pepper grows exclusively in the wild virgin forests of Madagascar. The ripe red fruits grow on the young shoots of the up to 20-metre-high tree in the middle of the tropical jungle. This rarity is harvested exclusively by small farmers in a traditional way by hand, mainly on the east coast of the island. The annual harvest amounts to just 1.5 - 2 tons. Voatsiperifery pepper, also known as bourbon pepper, is not cultivatable and grows only wild in the tropical rainforests of the island.

The taste of Voatsiperifery pepper is unique and a real treat. Its slightly earthy note, a pleasantly warm pungency and its increasingly fruity, lemony notes are perfect with game, lamb, dark poultry and dark sauces.

Characteristic: very rare (annual harvest 4-6 tons) 100% wild growth

Flavour: earthy, pleasantly warm hotness, slightly fruity

Dishes: with game, dark poultry, lamb, dark sauces, chocolate

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60g Paper carton:

Article-Nr.: 2265 EAN Code: xxxxxx

25Kg bag:

Article-Nr.: 2485

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