Salspiro ® inhaler (Latin word meaning = salt breathe)

The Salspiro is a handy inhaler that brings the recovering and relaxing atmosphere of the mine to your home.

The Salspiro is filled with about 60-80g Himalayan Salt from Pakistan.




SeaClimate ultrasonic

The UPS generates a samtfeinen brine mist.


"Aerosol range 0.5 to 5 microns

»Max flow 10 l / min (bacteria filter)

»Operating voltage 230 VAC, 50 Hz

»Status floating output, supports up to 24V DC, 2A

»Power 35 W

»Mode of Operation Continuous

»Dimensions W x D x H 30 x 30 x 70 cm

»Standard hose length 1 m, optional up to 2 m

Medical device according to the German

Medical Devices Act: IIB / 93/42 / EEC

This is an after the German Medical Devices Act

tested and certified medical product that has been manufactured to the highest standards of quality

and to fulfill functionality. Please note the following information to users so that the interference-free

Operation and the full effect of the device are guaranteed long term.

• Read aloud the instructions, especially the "Notes for everyday use ..."

Commissioning of the ultrasonic nebulizer SeaClimate carefully.

• The nebulizer shall be operated at ambient temperatures 8-35 ° C.

• During operation, may not attract the SeaClimate Ultrasonic salt air. the

ideal location is in an area outside the imaginary place for inhalation

Salt room, salt grotto, etc.). Provided that the plant is stored in a separate cabinet,

it must be provided with ventilation slots.

• To keep the condensation to flow back into the fog chamber, the hole is for the

Wall bushing with a slight slope towards the boiler (sketch).

• Also, the tube that leads from the SeaClimate ultrasonic nebulizer for wall duct must

be carried out so that condensation droplets can flow back into the nebulizer.

• The wall bushing should be cleaned weekly to contamination with harmful

Prevent germs. Be of suitable brush can be found on the order form

for accessories.

• The ultrasonic SeaClimate and its hoses for easy cleaning and should

Bottle changes to be easily accessible. With a bottle change must occur salt water drops

be removed immediately. The hoses are cleaned weekly.

• The distilled water in the transducer of the ultrasonic nebulizer is SeaClimate weekly

Skip to protect the diaphragm of the transducer. The transducer is in this case with clear

Water rinsed. It must not immersed in the washing water during the cleaning


• The transducer should always be filled to the blue mark with distilled water.

Warning: liquid brine to be used for this purpose in any way.

• The cloud chamber is to change regularly to contamination with harmful

Prevent germs. With daily use of the cycle, depending on lifetime max. 30

Days. Does the equipment exclusively for the private use of the cloud chamber should
max. ten applications to be changed. If since the last meeting of more than five days
have elapsed, the remaining brine into the cloud chamber must not be used. we
recommend, then switch the fog chamber.

• Due to the respirable nebulization, which generates the ultrasonic SeaClimate is
the high purity of the brine used is of great importance. You should therefore only
bring the product to the manufacturer for use.

• The ultrasonic SeaClimate must not be operated without bacterial filter. If Sole
penetrates into the air duct, the fan will damage.

We wish you much joy with your SeaClimate Ultrasonic Standard or Premium.

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